Prismastica Wine
Provocative, stormy and dramatic, Prismatica incorporates the visual elements of eruptive, billowing and climatic textures to represent the rich and lusty flavours of this rich and spicy red wine.
KIAH Earth Paint
Targeting an Australian market, the unique selling point I created for this eco-friendly artist paint was that all ingredients within are completely organic and all sourced from Australia itself. I wanted to play on the whimsical feel of native Australian art to bring about this essence of nature, history and creativity.
BFI Film Festival
A brochure designed for a Nouvelle Vague (French New Wave) film screening festival for the British Film Institute. Following the themes of the Nouvelle Vague movement which critiques the glossiness and formulaic manner of traditional Hollywood cinema, I implimented the use of brown, textured paper and a complex, non-linear fold.
Contour Events Complex
Set in Abu Dhabi, I explored the city’s very recent transformation from desert to cosmopolitan. Inspired by the idea of morphology and change, I used the ever-shifting nature of the desert as a means of providing an allegorical platform for this identity.
ZiiiiG Magazine
Bohemian, bizarre and experimental, ZiiiG magazine has been named in essence of the nature of wandering and ‘zig-zagging’ involved in travelling. The front cover depicts an eccentric montage of Germany’s capital, Berlin, and the inside article, based on North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, uses framing and obscuring elements to emulate the sense of a private, confined city.
T-Lab Technology
Hi-tech, interactive and engaging, T-Lab is a progressive global technology company. With the essence of technology developing the community as a whole, the infographics simulate a sense of connection, movement and interaction.
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